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CompTIA N10-005 Exam -

Free N10-005 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Sandy, the network administrator, has funding to do a major upgrade of the company’s LAN. This upgrade is currently in the planning stage, and Sandy still needs to determine the network requirements, bottlenecks, and any future upgrades in mind. Which of the following is the FIRST step in the planning process?
A. Conduct a vulnerability scan
B. Establish a network baseline
C. Conduct traffic analysis
D. Conduct a risk assessment
Answer: B

Q: 2
Sandy, a network administrator, wants to be able to block all already known malicious activity.
Which of the following would allow her to perform this activity?
A. Behavioral Based IDS
B. Signature Based IDS
C. Behavioral Based IPS
D. Signature Based IPS
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which of the following should Joe, a technician, do FIRST when setting up a SOHO network?
A. Set up an account with an Internet service provider.
B. Create a list of requirements and constraints.
C. Arrange a domain name with a suitable registrar.
D. Choose the correct operating system version.
Answer: B

Q: 4
Which of the following is an example of two-factor authentication?
A. A username and PIN
B. A username and password
C. A username, password, finger print scan, and smart card
D. A username, password, and key fob number
Answer: D

Q: 5
Which of the following connector types would Sandy, a network technician, use to connect a serial cable?
A. RJ-11
D. DB-9
Answer: D

Q: 6
Which of the following would Joe, a technician, configure to modify the time a device will hold an IP address provided through DHCP?
A. DNS suffixes
B. Leases
C. Static IP addressing
D. Reservations
Answer: B

Q: 7
Sandy, a technician, installs a new WAP and users are able to connect; however, users cannot access the Internet. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
A. The signal strength has been degraded and latency is increasing hop count.
B. An incorrect subnet mask has been entered in the WAP configuration.
C. The signal strength has been degraded and packets are being lost.
D. Users have specified the wrong encryption type and routes are being rejected.
Answer: B

Q: 8
Sandy, a technician, wants to limit access to a wireless network to company owned laptops, but does not want to use an encryption method. Which of the following methods would be BEST to accomplish this?
A. MAC filtering
D. WPA Enterprise
Answer: A

Q: 9
Which of the following network topologies, when a single machine's cable breaks, would only affect one network device and not the rest of the network?
A. Bus
B. Peer-to-peer
C. Ring
D. Star
Answer: D

Q: 10
Joe, a network technician, is tasked with installing a router and firewall to get an office working with Internet access. Which of the following features MUST be configured to allow sharing of a single public IP address?
A. QoS
Answer: C

Q: 11
Which of the following is a form of encrypting packets for safe, secure data transmission within a network?
C. IPSec
Answer: C

Q: 12
A company has only three laptops that connect to their wireless network. The company is currently using WEP encryption on their wireless network. They have noticed unauthorized connections on their WAP and want to secure their wireless connection to prevent this. Which of the following security measures would BEST secure their wireless network? (Select TWO).
A. Change the encryption method to WPA
B. Limit the DHCP scope to only have three addresses total
C. Enable the SSID broadcast
D. Enable and configure MAC filtering
E. Change the broadcast channel to a less commonly used channel
Answer: A,D

Q: 13
Two duplicate pieces of equipment can be used in conjunction for which of the following purposes? (Select TWO)
A. High availability
B. Fault tolerance
C. Reduce latency
Answer: A,B

Q: 14
The location that the local network connection ends and the ISP responsibility begins is known as the:
A. Access point.
B. Default gateway.
C. IDF connection.
D. Demarcation point.
Answer: D

Q: 15
Joe, a user, is unable to reach websites, but is able to ping several Internet IPv4 addresses.
Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?
A. Incorrect subnet mask
B. Incorrect DNS
C. Missing default gateway
D. Incorrect IPv6 address
Answer: B

Q: 16
Which of the following sizes is the fixed cell length in ATM?
A. 8 bytes
B. 53 bytes
C. 64 kilobytes
D. 128 kilobytes
Answer: B

Q: 17
Which of the following network scanners detects and sends out alerts for malicious network activity?
A. Packet sniffers
C. Port scanners
Answer: B

Q: 18
Joe, a technician, is configuring ports on a switch. He turns off auto-negotiation and sets the port speed to 1000 Mbps. A user’s PC is no longer able to access the network. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?
A. The user’s NIC does not support 1Gbps
B. The switch is not compatible with 1000Mbps.
C. The user's NIC does not support 100Mbps.
D. Joe needs to restart the DNS server.
Answer: A

Q: 19
Which of the following TCP/IP and OSI model layers retransmits a TCP packet if it is not received successfully at its destination?
A. The transport OSI model layer and the transport TCP/IP model layer
B. The transport OSI model layer and the Internet TCP/IP model layer
C. The network OSI model layer and the transport TCP/IP model layer
D. The network OSI model layer and the Internet TCP/IP model layer
Answer: A

Q: 20
Which of the following network appliances would facilitate an even amount of traffic hitting each web server?
A. Load balancer
B. VPN concentrator
C. Proxy server
D. Content filter
Answer: A

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